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Halo Salt Air Pod

Halo Salt Air Pod

Breath Easier again with the ... ULTRASONIC HALOTHERAPY SALT AIR IONISER DIFFUSER The Ultrasonic Halo Salt Air Pod uses ultrasonic frequency vibration technology to transform a saline solution into a salt aerosol from the indoor air. Better breathing the whole family and essential during the cold and Flu Season! Now you can achieve the remarkable benefits of a salt cave in the comfort of your own home! Regular use of the halo salt air pod, may provide temporary relief for the following conditions: Cold and Flu congestion, Sinus, Asthma, Hay fever, Bronchitis, Eczema, CF, Chest Infections, psoriasis and other breathing conditions. Halotherapy ( Halos- Slt in Greek ) uses dry aerosol salt micro-paticles that people breath in. Halotherapy replicates the conditions of Speleotherapy ( Speleo-Cave in Greek ) micro-environment that has been practiced in salt caves of Eastern & Europe for over 150 years. The beneficial health effects of the microclimate of salt mines are well known in this region as there are many health sanatoriums


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