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Many elderly unwilling to ‘retire’ from sexuality

Many senior citizens finding  “ Creative ways” Of continuing to enjoy sexual relations despite their age and chronic medical conditions, according to a new study by Israeli and American researchers who have published their findings in the journal Leisure Sciences.

Older ...
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The 7 Weirdest Things That Turn Women On, According to Science

1. Everything but a naked maleIn Meredith Chivers...
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The Real Difference Between a $5 and $100 Hairbrush

A hairbrush is one of those beauty products you don’t buy often but use almost daily. A hair staple that everyone owns at least one of, it is often overlooked in terms of its value. But is there a difference between the affordable drugstore brush and the fancy Mason Pearsons of the world? To understand the answer to this question, we asked a few hairstylists for their take and also co...
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The Richest Doctors in the World


Doctors have always had a reputation as being wealthy and a good catch for any woman. While that may not be true for every doctor it is more than true for these doctors. The net worth of these doctors goes to extremes but many of them made their money doing things ...
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